I guess I’d really like for Taylor and Danny to work things out, but it’s not really “above all else”, nor do I think it should happen immediately… It’d be interesting to see the Undersiders’ reactions to learning the truth about Taylor’s recruitment, I suppose. I’m also not against having Kaiser beaten the shit out of.

As for what I’m dreading… Well, the chances of Taylor’s planned departure sticking for more than an Arc are kind of infinitesimal (for much the same reasons I rarely doubted that she’d make the Decision to stay with the Undersiders instead of betraying them), but it also happens to be something I don’t want to happen.

As for more likely things… I suppose it’s back to Danny again. I really hope he doesn’t get hurt or killed by the Endbringer. Can you even imagine how Taylor would take that? And Lisa too, after having discouraged Taylor from making sure her dad got to safety.

I don’t want it to happen, for Taylor’s sake and for Danny’s sake and because I like Danny as a character and want him to stick around, but damn would it make for some juicy angst if Wildbow wanted to. Sometimes when I don’t want something to happen it’s because I feel like it’d cheapen the story, but that’s not the case here – if Wildbow wanted to kill off Danny, now would probably be one of the best times to do so.

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