(I don’t see a part 2, so splitting it up was probably a good call.) Hm, let’s see. It’s time to play sorting hat for a moment. Taylor: Slytherin. No doubt. She’s resourceful, cunning and ambitious, even though her ambition to become a hero kind of fell by the wayside as of the Decision. If […]

I know, right? The build up for the Endbringers in general has been excellent – no one has told us anything directly about them, really, other than that they’re in the “monster” category and are treated with the city truce by default, as well as a few details about the Simurgh in passing. But it’s still […]

Powerful, deadly, immoral or amoral, and possibly Lovecraftian in nature (though as I just mentioned in another ask, that theory has no solid evidence whatsoever). This might be the Simurgh, in which case they’re known to possibly have the power of mind reading, and are probably not only consciously intelligent enough to process thoughts, but […]

I summarized it in this post following 7.5. Since then, my one tiny piece of actual evidence for the “Lovecraftian horror” theory – that the Simurgh was the only known parahuman to have a name with a “the” in it – has been semi-broken, since Crusader was first mentioned as “the Crusader” (though so far only that one time). […]

The expected response to the situation from the city has already been made clear: Pretty much every cape with a scrap of decency and courage, be they hero or villain (or even rogues, probably), does their darndest to protect the city and put down the Endbringer. I don’t think that will be subverted in this […]

Hmm… I guess I’d really like for Taylor and Danny to work things out, but it’s not really “above all else”, nor do I think it should happen immediately… It’d be interesting to see the Undersiders’ reactions to learning the truth about Taylor’s recruitment, I suppose. I’m also not against having Kaiser beaten the shit out […]

Even if they are supremely fucked up mentally and physically by their powers, to the point of possibly being Lovecraftian or the like, I suppose at least some Endbringers must be somewhat sane. The Simurgh is suspected to be able to read minds, and for people to work out that theory, the Simurgh needs to be sane enough to act or speak with others’ thoughts in mind.