(I don’t see a part 2, so splitting it up was probably a good call.)

Hm, let’s see. It’s time to play sorting hat for a moment.

Taylor: Slytherin. No doubt. She’s resourceful, cunning and ambitious, even though her ambition to become a hero kind of fell by the wayside as of the Decision. If she had to be something else, Ravenclaw.

Brian: Hufflepuff. A practical man who cares a lot for those closest to him.

Lisa: Ravenclaw. Not only does Lisa know a lot via her power, and show a clear thirst for even more knowledge, but she’s also rather wise. That said, she could fit right in anywhere but Hufflepuff – she’s sly like a Slytherin and adventurous like a Gryffindor.

Alec: Hufflepuff. For now.

Rachel: Gryffindor. Not so much the “chivalry” part, though.

Brutus, Angelica and Judas: Hagrid’s cabin. Woof.

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